FORTUNE Datastore

The FORTUNE Datastore provides direct access to four key lists: FORTUNE 500, FORTUNE 1000, Global 500 and 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Recognized as the top go-to lists for multiple uses, they contain company contact information, competitive intelligence and industry insights—everything you need to put the power of FORTUNE in your hands.

Provided in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet with additional data for effective targeting, the FORTUNE Databases are enhanced with market-sizing tools that make it easy to customize your research to fit your needs.

2016 FORTUNE 500

$999 $599
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An annual list compiled and published by FORTUNE magazine, the FORTUNE 500 ranks the top 500 companies in the U.S. in terms of gross revenues. First published in 1955, it has become the definitive study that both examines and defines the American business landscape.

2016 FORTUNE 1000

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A listing of the 1,000 largest American companies based on annual revenues, the FORTUNE 1,000 draws the attention of readers seeking to learn the identities of the most influential players on the U.S. business scene. The list highlights companies that have large budgets and large staffing requirements.

2016 FORTUNE Global 500

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The FORTUNE Global 500 provides an overview of worldwide business, ranking the largest companies on the planet. The U.S. traditionally dominates the list, but other countries — most notably, China — are snaring a growing number of slots.

2016 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For


To identify the 100 Best Companies To Work For, FORTUNE surveys employees at hundreds of companies to discover what makes them sad, happy and happiest. Which companies remain on the annual lists — and which ones make it for the first time — adds up to a lot of valuable information.


FORTUNE 500 with Contacts & Global 500 with Contacts


The quick and easy way to reach the key people at the largest, most important companies in the U.S. and in the world.


2016 FORTUNE 1000 & 2016 Global 500


Consulting the FORTUNE 1000 and its international counterpart is the first step in evaluating your business landscape.


2016 FORTUNE 500 & 2016 Global 500


FORTUNE's annual rankings of the largest corporations in the U.S. and the world, provided in easy-to-use spreadsheets with additional data for effective targeting.


Datastore Collection: F1000, G500, 100 Best—all w/ Contacts


The three major FORTUNE databases in one package, at a savings of over $450.


Historical Lists

Previous lists from FORTUNE's annual ranking of the largest corporations in the U.S. and the world, provided in easy-to-use spreadsheets with additional data to sort and mine for effective targeting. Contact Melissa Brice for details.

1955 - 2015

$399 per list/year

1996 - 2015

$399 per list/year

Global 500
1995 - 2015

$399 per list/year